Heineken Italy Activation Milan AC Real Madrid

On the night of the October 21st the Real Madrid played Champions League match against AC Milan. Heineken convinced several university professors, …

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34 thoughts on “Heineken Italy Activation Milan AC Real Madrid

  1. no body's a real victim in this cool devious plot. I mean, students don't wanna study, girlfriends want to hang out with their boyfriends, and employees always want breaks.
    Besides, Heineken did skysports a huge favor by dragging over 1.5 million people to watch. say what you will, it was a win win situation for everybody.

  2. @wAv3 GTFO, dont you know how much they pay for those lill atrists, theater and movie? Not even a milliion. Use your brains instate of your intuition. Besides they also get the entrance money.

  3. whahhaha ofcourse something a dutch company would support!
    hahahaha :'D

    and lostsoulsNL: yeh, heineken haven't even got a great taste, but it has got the best commercials!!! :D:D

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