One Night in Istanbul – Liverpool 3-3 AC Milan Part 1 of 3

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48 thoughts on “One Night in Istanbul – Liverpool 3-3 AC Milan Part 1 of 3

  1. As a Man U fan, really, that game transcended the human spirit into something from the movies and dreams. Everyone, no matter who you support, had to admit it was an amazing feeling watching that as that was larger than life kinda shit. Amazing!

  2. On Paper? No (A team once came from 5-1 down at HT to win 7-6 and a team came from 5-0 down with 30 mins to go to draw 5-5). But it was probably the most dramatic (in a big game at least).

  3. You just finished your tea after getting in from school sunshine? haha you can't even form sentences properly and you are clearly a complete idiot if you are saying Gerrard is shit and that he was shit in that Champions League final. When we win something? What like a 6th European Cup?

  4. touched a nerve zidane is nt the bee all and end all he wasnt even a cm he was a playmaker that jizzard is nt u are in luv i take it hw old are u. i say get kenny howt howt howt now ha ha ha come back when u win something

  5. learn how to articulate a sentence before typing, or are your fingers webbed you fucking inbred?? Gerrard is a top, top player and was one of the best midfielders a few years ago, even Zidane called him the best in the world in 2009 – I think i'll listen to Zidane over you you fucking ignorant cunt, go fuck yourself.

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